A Day on Marketing

At today’s robotics meeting, Gold (5320) had nothing to fix on our robot, so I spent the day helping the marketing team. In the marketing room, we had three main things we needed to work on: PRX (Philly Robotics Expo), the next edition of the RoboLancer’s Roundtable, and the Chairman’s Award Submission.

PRX- The Philadelphia Robotics Expo was our main object that we needed to work on. In case you didn’t know, PRX is an event we’ve hosted with GRASP Lab of the University of Pennsylvania for the 4th year in a row! It is a really fun event that allows people to learn what robotics is and experience it hands-on. Anyway, today we gathered a list of FIRST teams in the region, and then wrote the invitations for these teams, exhibitors, & the press, which we will be sending soon. 891569_519671048074406_1782372026_o

Next Edition of the Roundtable- Today we also worked on the upcoming issue of the Roundtable. A new idea that was presented at today’s meeting is to have a robotics-themed crossword puzzle included in the issue, which we then began writing out. We also came up with a list of articles that need to be written and started to assign these to different people.

Chairman’s Submission- Today I did not get to help out in the Chairman’s Submission. I know the people that were working on it were focused on finishing the script.



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