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Explore engineering and computer science.

We are excited to compete again next year as we participate in FIRST Energize! We will have a meeting at the start of next year on how to join! All are welcome!

Nailah (282) at the Pennsylvania Robotics Championship, 2020.

Get plugged into our team community. 

With this past year being virtual, community was hard to find. Join the RoboLancers to find a community at Central!

(Left to right) Abigail, Suraj, Nailah, Isaiah, Makayla, Chuck, Kaylee, (kneeling) Isabela and Andre celebrate an award at the Philadelphia Qualifier, 2020.

Enter fun competitions. 

We are excited to be back to competing this year join us to compete against people from across the city and around the world!

Kyota and Maria (281) at the Pennsylvania Robotics Championship, 2020.

Join the RoboLancers. 

(Left to right) Thomas (278), Oleksandr (279), Orion (robot), Brian (278), and Jenny (280) at Bensalem High School, 2019.