FIRST Robotics Competition

FIRST Robotics Competition is a program in which students build and program a 125lb robot to compete against other teams. The games are played between alliances of three robots each on a basketball court-sized field. The alliances changes every match, so an ally in one match could be an opponent in the next. The 2024 FRC game is CRESCENDO presented by HAAS! Learn more about FRC here.

Game animation for the 2023-2024 season

Our teams comprises four subgroups: mechanical, electrical, programming, and business. The subgroups work together to help navigate the season and make all systems run smoothly. To learn about past robots click here.


Team 321 the RoboLancers is Central High School’s First Robotics Competition (FRC) team, formed in 1999. For the 2023-2024 CRESCENDO Season, the team attended the FRC World Championship at Houston, TX as a result of becoming a FIRST Hall of Fame team during the 2022-2023 season. There, the team were winners of the DALY Division and eventually became Winners of the 2023-2024 World Championship.  

The team joined the FIRST Hall of Fame in the 2023 season. This status comes as a result of the team being awarded the FIRST Impact Award at the FIRST World Championship. In the judging room, the team was represented by Iris (284), Lily (284), and Maja (282). For more information on our award submission, click here.


321 Robolancer's 2023-2024 Season: DaPinchi the Robot


Being Central High School’s second FRC team, Team 427 LANCE-A-LOT is the sister team of 321 RoboLancers. This 2023-2024 CRESCENDO season is their first year as a team. They participated in the Hatboro-Horsham District Event where they were semifinalists and winners of the Imagery Award. Additionally, they also attended the Bensalem District Event where they won the Judge’s Award, qualifying them for the FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Championship.

427 LANCE-A-LOT's 2023-2024 season robot "LANCE-A-BOT"