All returning RoboLancers are required to engage in mentorship each year. Students can visit teams weekly or volunteer at workshops, there are many opportunities for our team members to support the community we have created. Each member is required 30 hours of mentorship to create the next generation of STEM leaders in the School District of Philadelphia. 

Service beyond the Central High School Community. Direct service to Philadelphia public school students outside the Central High School community requires the greatest effort, but also is the most impactful. 20 hours of Tier 1 service satisfies the annual service commitment.

Central High School Service beyond the RoboLancers. Direct service to Central High School students who are not RoboLancers is logistically easier than service elsewhere, so the hour requirement is increased. Volunteering at FIRST events is Tier 2 service regardless of the physical location of the event. 30 hours of Tier 2 service satisfies the annual service commitment.

Select Service within the RoboLancers. Certain roles and activities within the RoboLancers organization meet the outreach mission even though they are not particularly outward facing. Students taking on these roles serve in inspirational or instructional capacities while sacrificing their own personal advancement through the ranks of our competitive program. 40 hours of Tier 3 service satisfies the annual service commitment.