FIRST Tech Challenge

FIRST Tech Challenge

 (FTC) is a robotics competition in which students design, build, and program an 18″ x 18″ x 18″ robot. At the field, teams compete in 2-team alliances in 2-minute 30-second head-to-head matches. The 2023-24 FTC game is CENTERSTAGESM  presented by RTX Technologies. Watch the game animation for more details. 

5320 Work in Progress at the Philadelphia City Qualifier

5320 RoboLancers Gold

Team 5320 Work in Progress was established in 2011 as the first FTC team of Central High School. During the 2023-24 season, the team was both the winner of the PA Philadelphia qualifier and the Control Award. The team also attended the Red Raiders Qualifier, where they finished off as event winners, meeting the qualification for PA State Championships.At RoboJawn, they were winning alliance captains and Control Award winners!

6676 RoboLancers Crimson

6676 Crimson Knights is our second FTC team established at Central High School in 2012. This season, the team won the Control Award at the South Central Pennsylvania Qualifier. At their next event, the Philadelphia City Qualifier, the team won the event as the 1st Alliance Captain. At the same time, they also won the Inspire Award at the event. At the Red Raiders Qualifier, the team was also the winner of the Control Award. At RoboJawn 2024, they were Winning Alliance 1st pick and won the Champions Award!

6676 Crimson Knights at the Philadelphia PA City Qualifier