FIRST Impact Award 2023

Team 321’s Hall of Fame Impact Award Submission

Although no elements of our submission are perfect we hope the submission as a whole can provide insight and help others improve their submissions. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Impact Q&A Session

Missed our Q&A session or have questions about the Impact Award? Here are the notes and recording (coming soon) from the Q&A session on the Unofficial FIRST Robotics Discord Server on 10/28/2023!

Impact Video Submission

We did not choose to have our video included in the judging process so it was not shown during our presentation. We opted to keep our video short and to the point in the hopes to portray our successes in an easy-to-digest manner for those unfamiliar with our programs.


This version of the presentation uses the same script as the version presented at the world championship. However, as we are human this is not word for word to the version presented. Additionally, we include some of the Q&A portions from our three presentations. Transcript: Google Doc

Written Submission

Our writing process consisted of drafts being developed starting in September. At the beginning of the build season, we transitioned to presentation preparation before updating the submission during the week leading up to the deadline. This allowed the information submitted to both be up to date and take up less time during the build season.

Long Judging Packet

The long judging packet was provided to both the Impact Award and Pit Judges. It provides an overview of our whole team to show the well-roundedness of our efforts. It also includes more images. The packet was presented in booklet form so each page is 5.5 in x 8.5 in.

Short Judging Packet

The short packet provided to teams and judges provided a condensed overview of facts to allow judges to review information quickly. The packet was presented in booklet form so each page is 5.5 in x 8.5 in.

Impact Binder

Our impact binder contained documentation and extensive detail related to all of our programs. This information was contained within the last 3 years. Documentation includes team agreements, attendee lists, hour logs, and news articles.


We presented using a monitor connected to a laptop and powered by an FRC battery via an inverter. We used a slideshow clicker to advance through the presentation and made sure to practice with our slideshow to ensure the correct timing for our slide changes.

Annotated Impact Essay

Annotated Impact Script