FIRST Tech Challenge

FTC Teams 2022-23

The RoboLancers consist of 7 teams. 6 of these teams participate in FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). Within the RoboLancers FTC serves to introduce students to FIRST, with most of these new members having little to no robotics experience before joining the RoboLancers. Traditionally, after a year in FTC, RoboLancers move onto our FRC team

For most of the 2010s, the RoboLancers had two FTC teams, RoboLancers Gold 5320 and RoboLancers Crimson 6676. In the 2019-2020 season, a third team, Wrench Toast 16941, was established for students interested in a second year of FTC, this team was renamed to RoboLancers Cobalt in 2021. In 2022 the RoboLancers formed the second trio of FTC teams consisting of RoboLancers Aubergine, RoboLancers Pumpkin, and RoboLancers Kale. This season, all six of our FTC teams are for new RoboLancers.

All of our FTC teams build their robots independently of each other and compete against each other just as any other team would. Each team has a partner team to work with more closely notably RoboLancers Gold and RoboLancers Aubergine, RoboLancers Crimson and RoboLancers Kale, and RoboLancers Cobalt and RoboLancers Pumpkin.

Our FTC teams are reborn every year with a new set of students. Over the course of the year, their confidence and knowledge in STEM grow as they form bonds with their teammates. 

FTC 5320 – RoboLancers Gold

Gold 2020

Our first FTC team, RoboLancers Gold 5320, was established in 2011. RoboLancers Gold is partnered with RoboLancers Aubergine.

FTC 6676 – RoboLancers Crimson

Crimson 2022

RoboLancers Crimson 6676 is our second FTC team, which was established in 2012. This team consists of all male students. RoboLancers Crimson is partners with RoboLancers Kale.

FTC 16941 – RoboLancers Cobalt

Cobalt 2022

Our third FTC team, RoboLancers Cobalt 16941, formerly Wrench Toast, was renamed in 2021. As we came back from virtual school, and robotics, we had many new members ready to partake in our in-person programs. Due to this spike in new members, we decided to run our third FTC team as another space for new RoboLancers. RoboLancers Cobalt is partnered with RoboLancers Pumpkin.

FTC 22245 – RoboLancers Kale

RoboLancers Kale was formed in 2022 as we hit a new peak membership count. RoboLancers Kale in its partnership with RoboLancers Crimson is also an all-male team.

FTC 22246 – RoboLancers Aubergine

RoboLancers Aubergine was formed in 2022 as we received many new members. RoboLancers Aubergine is partnered with RoboLancers Gold.

FTC 22247 – RoboLancers Pumpkin

RoboLancers Pumpkin was formed as membership reached a new peak in 2022. RoboLancers Pumpkin is partnered with RoboLancers Cobalt.