Duel on Delaware 2019

Our team has attended Duel on Delaware for a few years now, this year however, we accomplished the most we ever had at this event. Not only that, we have proven our dominance in the district. There was some difficulty at first with the gearboxes needing urgent repairs, but we still prevailed. We made it to finals with our Pennsylvania alliance consisting of us, Dawgma, and the Fighting Robotic Owls. In addition to getting a finalist trophy, our team received the unique design trophy for the centerwork of our robot, the cargo mechanism. In general, the event proved to be a success in giving our new drive team experience and just for our team as a whole.

-Oleksandr Goncharov

Build It!

On October 5, was Philadelphia’s first FTC workshop, Build It. The event, hosted by the Technabots, Girl’s High’s robotics team, was attended by two of our FTC teams, Gold and Crimson. By the end of the day, both teams made progress on their chassis. They also attended workshops on this year’s game, SKYSTONE, and on the Engineering Notebook. 

Also, we had Robolancers volunteering at the event. Our volunteers helped teams with building, answered questions about getting started, and helped step up and pack up the event.

Overall, this event was very productive, and a good sign of things to come. The next FTC workshop is Program It on October 26 at Palumbo.

-Angelina Tjia