Duel on the Delaware

Duel on the Delaware was held at Salem Community College on October 20 featuring almost 30 teams. The RoboLancers ranked 20th before they were picked by alliance number 4. 1640, Sa-BOT-age was the captain and 4342, Demon Robotics was the first pick. Throughout the qualification matches, our robot had many difficulties, however, our programmer, Jenny Wen, was able to make a working code for our robot. Additionally, our Talons shut-down and Cindy Chiu and Sylvia Cho managed to fix the robot in time for our next qualification match, we lost our quarterfinals 1-2. We lost a tiebreaker series by only 40 points to the 5th alliance who went on to defeat TechFire and become a finalist at the event. Our team really pulled through all the hardships thrown at us. They were very efficient with the interchanging drivers and manipulators.


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