FMA District Bensalem Event (Qualifying Event)

From March thirty-first to April second the Robolancers, team 321, attended and participated in the FMA District Bensalem Event (Qualifying Event). The Robolancers placed ninth out of the twenty-nine teams that attended the event. Our ranking score was 2.33. At Bensalem, the Robolancers played in twelve qualification matches out of the fifty-eight qualification matches held. Qualification match twenty-one was our best match with the Robolancers being a part of the blue alliance which scored one hundred forty-four points. 321 was selected as the first pick of the 4th alliance captained by FRC 484 with the second pick being FRC 9014. The alliance placed 3rd overall and was eliminated in semifinal 13 by the 2nd alliance. Congratulations to the Robolancers for winning three awards. We won the Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen celebrating “attractiveness in engineering and outstanding visual aesthetic integration of machine and team appearance.” Additionally, Lilliana Sand and Austin Lin both won the District Championship Dean’s List Semi-Finalist Award. This is a very important accomplishment for them, it shows that Lilliana Sand and Austin Lin have been recognized for their dedication and achievements in FIRST. 

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