Blog post-Hat Tricks

On Saturday, December 1st, 2018, my brother and I came to Hatboro-Horsham high school, where Hat Tricks was being held, with donuts (to prevent any fatigue happening during Hat Tricks). I spent most of the morning waiting for the others to arrive and practicing with the presentation team. I later went to the pit to check on our robot, and then it was time for presentations. The rest of the presentation team and I were a bit nervous about presenting, but we managed to get through it. Once we finished, we went back to the pit to give our robot back to our teammates. Our team continued to fix problems on the robot until the competition began. Our matches against the other teams/alliances didn’t go so well due to the robot suddenly losing its wheels, getting stuck, and not turning on. But, we managed to be one of the semi-finalists. We didn’t get to the finals, but we gained new ideas on how to improve our robot. When the competition was finished, we packed our things and waited (totally not dancing while waiting) for the awards ceremony to start. During the awards ceremony, we didn’t gain any awards, which saddens me a little bit for our team.

-Tiffany Zheng

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