Hat Tricks

My experience in Hat Tricks was pretty stunning. When our half baked robot entered the field I was really mind-blown by the fact that our autonomous worked. Even though we almost defaced the crater.  The games showed how much we need to ameliorate our robot. The day was filled with copious amount of confusion, yet in between the layers of befuddling issues I had an ecstatic time using analytical reasoning to figure out new ways to solve the problems. The spot light moment of that day would definitely have been when our passive latch pulled us up and gave us the win. However, it was disheartening to see that even though we were placed 14 on the leader board we were overlooked by the other alliances. As depressing as that is at the end of the day it was jaw-dropping to see other robotics team in action. All we needed to know is that we were above average in 14 out of 30. Next time lets go for number one

-Dennis Lam

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