Pumpkin FTC Championship

RoboLancers’ very own FTC team Pumpkin (team number 22247) has advanced to the FTC state championship and competed on March 4th, at Saucon Valley Middle School in Hellertown, PA. Pumpkin ranked in place twenty-nine out of the thirty-six FTC teams that came. They had two wins and three losses out of their five matches. Pumpkin, along with a different FTC team each match, scored 88 points in their first match (lost), 132 points in their second match (won), 94 points in their third match (lost), 124 points in their fourth match (won), and 119 points in their fifth match (lost). During the matches, Pumpkin faced a looming threat. Unfortunately, Pumpkin did not get to compete during the playoff matches. Additionally, Pumpkin sadly received no awards during this championship. 

In the queue!

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